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Worth Sharing: Facebook Usage in The Middle East Infographic

Infographics are the best! Who doesn’t love a good bright image that has all the data one would want! No hassle of staring at charts and tables, trying to figure out which number goes where and trying to match rows … Continue reading

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I’ve been away for a while now, quite disconnected from the whole online platforms except a few short returns to Twitter… It’s part intentional and part due to the fact that a break from all the “ultra-connected” lifestyle was/is much … Continue reading

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Banned This Way: Why is Lady GaGa’s Latest Album “Born This Way” Banned In Lebanon?

As the world rejoiced and celebrated the release of Lady Gaga’s new album – Born This Way – us, the Lebanese fans, were equally as psyched! Most of us didn’t wait for the actual physical copies of the CD. We … Continue reading

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After A Hectic Week Of Disconnection: The “Z”urprise

As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been away from everything online for over a week. This is all due to urgent off-job assignments and a conference I was supervising throughout last week. I came back to the office … Continue reading

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An Official Energy Saving Initiative In Lebanon

Weekends are usually days spent at my parents’ house in northern Lebanon. And almost every time I go up there, something new/weird/interesting comes up! The past weekend I came across the below energy-saving “light bulbs” in the dining room. They … Continue reading

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Cyber Wars: Lebanon Edition

Following the fiery speeches on Sunday the 13th of March in Beirut, the website of the “Future Movement” (Tayyar Al Mostakbal) was hacked by Hizbollah activists. The cyber attack also destroyed the database of ex PM Saad Hariri’s website! Here is the message … Continue reading

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My Lazy Sunday

While everyone else is busy with the demonstration happening in Downtown Beirut today, I found myself cut off from everyone in the city and stuck home alone on this boring Sunday. But since I wasn’t going to spend all my … Continue reading

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