The Light Saturday Fix: The Way Things Go Nowadays!

In honor of the weekend that is upon us, here is another light Saturday fix! Brought to you also by the people at, and it’s part of their Joy Of Tech section! Enjoy…

Fair enough!

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Campaigns I Like: Coca Cola Freestyle

Coca Cola‘s name is no stranger to social media innovation and pioneering.
This iconic brand was one of the first success stories of the web 2.0 marketing and it is still going strong – 33,853,560 (and counting) Facebook Fans – 354,936 (and counting) Twitter Followers!

The latest endeavor by Coke is the Coca Cola Freestyle campaign, and it’s looking like a stroke of genius crossover marketing!

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Worth Sharing: Facebook Usage in The Middle East Infographic

Infographics are the best! Who doesn’t love a good bright image that has all the data one would want! No hassle of staring at charts and tables, trying to figure out which number goes where and trying to match rows and columns together…
My love for infographics increases when they tackle data of a region that’s really useful to me: The Middle East.
SMWBeirut was nice enough to share the link to the below today on Twitter, and I found it absolutely worth sharing!  Continue reading

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Facebook Ads Dictionary And The Urgent Question!

If you are running or managing a Facebook campaign and starting to venture into the Facebook Ads platform, you might run into a few terms that don’t really make sense at first!

Here’s a little “Dictionary” I compiled from the web to help you get familiar with the Facebook Ads lingo!

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The Light Saturday Fix: Apple’s New Headquarter’s Hidden Secrets!

It’s the weekend and there’s nothing better to give out then a light touch of humor! The following is a comic by the people at, and it’s part of their Joy Of Tech section! Enjoy…

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Community Management 101: 10 Tips For Optimal Online Community Management

Marketing 2.0.

Marketing 2.5.

Marketing 10.67

Marketing 20.4

Call it whatever you want, the digital and social tsunami that shifted the marketing process into different online platforms has come a long way from the skeptical beginnings a few years ago. This so called “fundamental shift in the way we communicate” is now ripe.
Long gone are the days where we used to start every pitch with an educational session about social media and why it is crucial to have a solid and well controlled presence on its platforms.  And as anyone who is familiar with the whole shenanigan knows, community management and the community managers are at the heart of the implementation of digital strategies. They can make it or break it.

So, and in recognition of this major role, here is my list of 10 tips for successful community management !

1) Listen – No online community management work is done the right way if it doesn’t start by LISTENING to what people are saying about the brand you are representing. Just like in real life, being a good listener online will give you an edge over the rest! Continue reading

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I’ve been away for a while now, quite disconnected from the whole online platforms except a few short returns to Twitter…
It’s part intentional and part due to the fact that a break from all the “ultra-connected” lifestyle was/is much needed! There’s nothing healthier than taking a step back from it all and living life the good old fashioned way: Offline! After all, how can you be really interesting online if

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