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Skype Rips Through Facebook & Twitter in New Ad Campaign

I’ve always been a huge fan of provocative advertising. Those old Pepsi v/s Coke ads never got old, so did the billboard feud between Audi and BMW! This time around, the campaign is more “Social”. The all-famous SKYPE is taking … Continue reading

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You DON’T mess with Haifa Wehbe…

I’ve neglected my blog unintentionally for the past 6 weeks due to a very hectic schedule and lack of inspiration one way or another. However, I stumbled upon a tweet today by the ¬†Lebanese self-described “Platinum Selling Recording Artist. International … Continue reading

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Content is king, and you know it!

That crucial piece of the SEO puzzle cannot be overlooked! Content is key, content is KING and it’s no secret to anyone who is doing online marketing. The value of the articles, photos, videos and any other form of available … Continue reading

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Social Media Week Beirut Is Upon Us… And It’s Looking GOOD!

Following the announcement that Beirut will be getting its very own Social Media Week thanks to 90:10 Group’s efforts, the digital / social enthusiasts have been waiting anxiously to see what this global event will be like when done locally. … Continue reading

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Campaigns I Like: Coca Cola Freestyle

Coca Cola‘s name is no stranger to social media innovation and pioneering. This iconic brand was one of the first success stories of the web 2.0 marketing and it is still going strong – 33,853,560 (and counting) Facebook Fans – … Continue reading

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Worth Sharing: Facebook Usage in The Middle East Infographic

Infographics are the best! Who doesn’t love a good bright image that has all the data one would want! No hassle of staring at charts and tables, trying to figure out which number goes where and trying to match rows … Continue reading

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Facebook Ads Dictionary And The Urgent Question!

If you are running or managing a Facebook campaign and starting to venture into the Facebook Ads platform, you might run into a few terms that don’t really make sense at first! Here’s a little “Dictionary” I compiled from the … Continue reading

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