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Content is king, and you know it!

That crucial piece of the SEO puzzle cannot be overlooked! Content is key, content is KING and it’s no secret to anyone who is doing online marketing. The value of the articles, photos, videos and any other form of available … Continue reading

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Campaigns I Like: Coca Cola Freestyle

Coca Cola‘s name is no stranger to social media innovation and pioneering. This iconic brand was one of the first success stories of the web 2.0 marketing and it is still going strong – 33,853,560 (and counting) Facebook Fans – … Continue reading

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Worth Sharing: Facebook Usage in The Middle East Infographic

Infographics are the best! Who doesn’t love a good bright image that has all the data one would want! No hassle of staring at charts and tables, trying to figure out which number goes where and trying to match rows … Continue reading

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Happiness: Live Your Dream & Wear Your Passion

The “Holsteee Manifesto” in the picture above was put together in 2009 by the designers at Holstee, a clothing brand that makes – in their own words – “kickass products, sustainably made, with a social impact.” Thoughts? find me on … Continue reading

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Banned This Way: Why is Lady GaGa’s Latest Album “Born This Way” Banned In Lebanon?

As the world rejoiced and celebrated the release of Lady Gaga’s new album – Born This Way – us, the Lebanese fans, were equally as psyched! Most of us didn’t wait for the actual physical copies of the CD. We … Continue reading

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Mondays. Who doesn’t just DREAD that time of the week? And lately to me it’s been nothing less than torture, waking up on a Monday morning and dragging myself to the office… Today is worse than all previous Mondays for no apparent … Continue reading

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Judas Has Arrived – Lady Gaga kills it … Again!

With just the right doses of eccentricity, color, dancing, religious analogies and pop, Lady Gaga‘s latest piece of art has hit the world. “But In The Cultural Sense I Just Speak In Future Tense” Judas is a song that could … Continue reading

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