Rolling Words: Snoop Dogg’s Smokable Notebook!

From countless songs about the habit to smoking weed on stage (almost in every concert he holds), we can always count on Snoop Dogg to bring the offbeat into smoking up.

I’m in no way endorsing or encouraging the habit of smoking grass, but his newest creation may have just hit the genius/awesome line. Behold the “Rolling Words” song book, made out of high-end rolling paper with non-toxic ink. For a more practical touch, the spine of the book acts as a surface to spark your match!
The pages contain the lyrics to Snoop’s biggest hits along with some artwork. Check out the video below to witness this offbeat creation in all its glory.

He will sell more of these books than J.K.Rowling did with Harry Potter! Heck, he will be selling more than the Holy Bible!

What do you think of this creation?

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One Response to Rolling Words: Snoop Dogg’s Smokable Notebook!

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