You DON’T mess with Haifa Wehbe…

I’ve neglected my blog unintentionally for the past 6 weeks due to a very hectic schedule and lack of inspiration one way or another. However, I stumbled upon a tweet today by the  Lebanese self-describedPlatinum Selling Recording Artist. International Diva, Entrepreneuress , Jet Set Fashion Muse” who happens to “make a song or 2 to keep the world dancing“, Haifa Wehbe.

The hilarious reply that spared no room for mercy ignited my curiosity and pushed me to scan through Haifa’s twitter account in hopes of finding more replies to the haters who keep hating on twitter. And to my pleasure, I found a lot more of those spontaneous and not-so-calm replies down her timeline! And whether you love her or hate her, you definitely cannot ignore her presence or look away whenever she is on TV or on a billboard.  Here’s a selection of attitude-filled, light, funny and sarcastic tweets for you to enjoy.

Priceless! Gotta be the best diva even on twitter! And I love how candid the tweets are, giving it to them straight!

You think celebrities should keep some things to themselves online even when teased or attacked? Or a candid account such as Haifa Wehbe’s are the way to go?

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9 Responses to You DON’T mess with Haifa Wehbe…

  1. Jad Aoun says:

    Surprisingly, I found her tweets quite entertaining. Great find!

  2. marah says:

    Haifa haifaaaa ente akbar men inno tredde on a bunch of idiots like those ur amazing in everything u do just laughing at them is more than enough

  3. marah says:

    Keed 3ozalak 7abibiiiii laughing at how stupid they are is more than enough haifa 7bbtiii u r the best

  4. rasha says:

    im so following her.

  5. Reem says:

    you realize this is a fake account, right?

    • Fady Roumieh says:

      This is not a fake account. This is the official verified by Twitter. To have a verified account, a user goes through endless paperwork and formalities. Plus I am in good contact with her marketing team who assure me that the tweets are 100% hers.

  6. A Bare Truth says:

    I wonder if she is personally handling her account???

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