Content is king, and you know it!

That crucial piece of the SEO puzzle cannot be overlooked! Content is key, content is KING and it’s no secret to anyone who is doing online marketing. The value of the articles, photos, videos and any other form of available content is not to be under-estimated. By not filling those accounts and pages in the digital sphere properly, one risks failing miserably!

Below is a great infographic that showcases just that!


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2 Responses to Content is king, and you know it!

  1. As a writer, there is nothing better than to hear that content is still king! Even though content encompasses much more than the written word these days. Great infographic! 🙂

  2. Wissam Dandan says:

    Do agree how the quality of the content is important but imo is one(underlined/bold 🙂 ) of the pillars in SEO.

    content with out proper accessibility AND proper trust wont work!

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