Social Media Week Beirut Is Upon Us… And It’s Looking GOOD!

Following the announcement that Beirut will be getting its very own Social Media Week thanks to 90:10 Group’s efforts, the digital / social enthusiasts have been waiting anxiously to see what this global event will be like when done locally.

I, of course, was one of them. I didn’t blog about the announcement since it had its share of blog posts but I cannot help but share my excitement for the upcoming line up starting the 19th of this month! The diversity of topics and industries covered will make SMW Beirut one of the most complete and comprehensive coverage of how social media is affecting every single sector of the market. It is a MUST-SEE for anyone who has anything to do with doing business in the new age of marketing, customer relations and PR.

The line up of speakers includes everything from representatives of digital giants such as Facebook and Google to exciting and super-promising start-ups that are all set to make a difference and a big fat splash in the market such as Mistile.

So if you haven’t registered yet, you still have the chance to do it now. Just visit the schedule page here, choose the panel you would like to attend and REGISTER! It’s free and there are no hidden fees upon your arrival, just a lot of interesting and educational panels that are bound to give you valuable insights on how companies in Beirut are using social media to advance and push forward their products, strategies and communications.

See you all there!

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4 Responses to Social Media Week Beirut Is Upon Us… And It’s Looking GOOD!

  1. emanomeirat says:

    I registered and am so excited to attend 🙂

  2. Danielle says:

    How was the first day of Social Media Week? Really looking forward to hearing about the panels! Please do post a recap of the ones you attend! 😀

    • iiiiiii8u says:

      Danni! First couple of days were amazing… I wish I have the time to post! Too busy with a LOOT happening right now. Still up till now working in preparation of my company sponsoring in the next two days of SMW Beirut!
      On a brighter side I won one of 50 free month-long test lines for 3G AND on top of them I won a brand new Nokia N8 today at SMW! lol talk about a lucky streak!
      You’re dearly missed! Your presence would have added a LOT to this event!

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