Facebook Ads Dictionary And The Urgent Question!

If you are running or managing a Facebook campaign and starting to venture into the Facebook Ads platform, you might run into a few terms that don’t really make sense at first!

Here’s a little “Dictionary” I compiled from the web to help you get familiar with the Facebook Ads lingo!

  • Bid: This is a term that is somewhat universal throughout online advertisements; it’s the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for each Facebook ad campaign.
  • Clicks: Once again, this term is synonomous throughout online pay per click campaigns; this is the number of click-throughs your Facebook campaign has received.
  • Connections: One of my favorite statistics to track; not only can you tell the click-through ratings, but you can also see how many took it to the next level and actually did something after their click.  Some examples of the actions taken are (1) Page Likes, (2) Event RSVP, (3) or App Instillation. Unfortunately, you will not be able to view this statistic if you are not advertising a page, event, or application.
  • CPC: This is what pay-per-click campaigns are based on; the amount of money that you’re paying each time someone actually clicks on your advertisement. For budgeting purpose, these numbers are significantly important.
  • CPM: No, it’s not cost per million, but it is cost per thousand.  In other words, this is the average cost that you are paying per thousand impressions of your advertisement.
  • CTR: As we talked a little above about clicks, you can also measure the click-through-rate which is efficiency of your advertisement.  In other words, it measure the number of impression (on average) it takes to have ad clicked.
  • Frequency: The average number of times each person has seen your facebook ad.
  • Impressions: The number of times your ads have been displayed on facebook.
  • Price: The price that you pay will be based on either clicks per thousand or cost per click.
  • Social Clicks: One of the great things about Facebook is the networking factor.  Social Clicks is the statistic that shows the names of the viewer’s friends who connected with you through your page or application.
  • Social CTR: This is the combination of social clicks and click-through-rate where this stat measures the clicks received divided by the number of social impressions (see the next term).
  • Social Impressions: This is the stat that displays the number of impressions that were shown with the names of viewer’s friends (who have already connected with you through the ways mentioned above).
  • Social Reach: A great statistic for Facebook and one that makes it’s online advertising campaign unique, the social reach measures the people who viewed your Facebook ad with the names of their friends who have already connected with you.  Once again, this statistic only applies to those who are advertising a page, event, or app.
  • Social Percentage: A useful measurement for businesses as it shows the number of impressions where the views displayed at least one friend who liked your page, event, or app.
  • Spent: And, finally, I’ll end on an easy one.  While it doesn’t measure the amount of stress that online advertising has caused you (which is why you should hire a professional team), this is the amount of money that you have was spent during a specified period of time.

After this quick lesson, I have a quick question to ask: What would you rather go for when setting up a Facebook ads campaign and why? CPC or CPM?!

Share your thoughts below!
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4 Responses to Facebook Ads Dictionary And The Urgent Question!

  1. nourchamseddine says:

    CPC because it’s better if someone clicks and sees the page, than just seeing the ad (impression)
    one question though: If i have 572 impressions on a status for a page, is that logical if the page doesnt even have 280 likes?

    • Fady Roumieh says:

      This is because many users refresh their homepage and visit their homepage multiple times during a session, and each time the post is rendered, it counts as an impression!!

  2. nourchamseddine says:

    also, if i put a daily budget of 50 $, then shouldnt pay more than that mahek ? or could taxes add a lot ?

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