Judas Has Arrived – Lady Gaga kills it … Again!

With just the right doses of eccentricity, color, dancing, religious analogies and pop, Lady Gaga‘s latest piece of art has hit the world.

“But In The Cultural Sense I Just Speak In Future Tense”

Judas is a song that could be in a much darker and more outrageous video, but the colorful and less-than-morbid video serves it just fine… In fact, it’s downright AMAZING!
Check out the “fame hooker, prostitute wench” in JUDAS below!

I would have loved to see a lot more HAIR in action, doing all sorts of crazy feet-washing rituals… And what’s the Catholic Church fussing about? Lady Gaga should have given them something to really keep them up at night… Something a-la Madonna‘s Like a Prayer for example!
But oh well! One can’t have it all!

So far I’m loving what came out of the BORN THIS WAY album… And the release of the cover only added to my restlessness!

Could it get any better than this?
May 25 couldn’t come fast enough!

What do you think?

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10 Responses to Judas Has Arrived – Lady Gaga kills it … Again!

  1. Marie says:

    I’ d really prefer it if she leaves religion aside 🙂

    • Fady Roumieh says:

      It’s a beautiful analogy she’s making!
      Religious symbolism is well used in this one in my opinion… It’s art after all!

      • Marie says:

        I can’t call it “beautiful” there is nothing “beautiful” about her 😛
        okay, the music video is impressive, it’s a big production, the song tune is nice although very similar to previous songs. She works very hard on every single detail and it shows but I can’t really grasp it and seeing the cross on her bra didn’t help. Art may not be always “understandable” but I don’t like that she’s using religion to create a fuss.

      • Fady Roumieh says:

        I think Lady Gaga is now beyond the point where she needs to create a fuss to be more known or talked about.. I don’t think she will ever be more famous because it is not humanly possible to be so!

        The cross on the bra… hmmm don’t you ladies ALL wear crosses that hang low sometimes? And isn’t a boob part of the sacred body? If god created it then nothing is to be ashamed of, right? A cross makes it even more sacred! HA!

        Anyway I can’t argue over what others think is beautiful because it is a question of taste… And in Lady Gaga’s case it sure has to be an acquired one!

  2. Marie says:

    I agree with the fuss part, but a reason to be talked about is always needed.
    Not ALL ladies no (a cross in not just another accessory) and not all body parts are equally tempting 😛 don’t get me wrong, I admire her even though I can’t really get what she’s doing sometimes. She’s surely an artist.

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  4. Mariam says:

    I like her songs. I know some songs offend Christians such as Judas and Alejandro video but honestly there are some things that the church has allowed that have given the space for videos like this and in many instances its just pure symbolism and isn’t meant to offend anyone – there’s a message- you either get it or you don’t.Religious figures just wait for something to cry about is really all there is to it.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the albums songs!

  5. Marie says:

    I see the art, I see the meaning, I just don’t like it.. and thx guys for the nicely put comments

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