Unintentionally Sexual Church Signs

Church signs are something we don’t have here in Lebanon. But in the states it is the norm. Those signs usually hold quotes related to faith and repenting. Sometimes things can go odd and the result is hilarious, unintentionally sexual innuendos!

Check out a few I came across today while browsing for some humor!

"You Cant Enter Heaven Unless Jesus Enters You"

"Jesus Loves Little Children"

"Gods favorite Word Is Come "

"In Your Right Hand There Are Pleasures Forever"

"A 4-inch Tongue Can Bring A 6 Foot Man To His Knees"

"A Loose Tongue Often Gets Into A Tight Place"

"When There Is Friction between two People, A Smile Is A Good Lubricant"

"The Most Powerful Position Is On Your Knees"

"I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It Then I Went To Hell"

"You Are The Reason Jesus Came"

"Dont Dishonor Your Father By Sleeping With Your Mother"

"How Big Is Your Jesus"

Oh Boy! To some of the above I can only say AMEN!
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3 Responses to Unintentionally Sexual Church Signs

  1. AAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAAH These canNOT be for real! OMG this just made my day! Thanks for posting these Fadylicious!

  2. Jad Raad says:

    This is veryyyyyyyyy nice!!!!!!!!!! hehe it really made me think how much people can be dumb! lol! nice Work Mr. Roumieh

  3. Mix Margaret says:

    I only laughed at one. Methinks the sign makers knew full well their signs had double meanings.

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