Worth Sharing: +1(000) to Google’s New Stroke Of Genius

Google’s latest stroke of simple and straight-to-the-point genius is the Google “+1”.
To make things simple, it is the equivalent of the Facebook “Like” button. The +1’s added value, from my point of view, is its application on search results. Results with more +1s are likely to get more clicks and most probably will rank higher and appear before others in searches!

This move is one of a series of features that Google has been introducing in the first quarter of 2011.
Another way to turn the tables on top of content farms’ heads and give developers and SEO specialists one more toy to play with!

I will not go on trying to explain how things work! Here’s a highly informative video about the subject from the bosses themselves!

Impressive! Right?
But reactions to this new feature have been very mixed. From the very optimistic to the highly pessimistic.
Personally, I think it’s downright awesome!
What do you think about the Google +1?

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3 Responses to Worth Sharing: +1(000) to Google’s New Stroke Of Genius

  1. Mustapha says:

    I must say, this is even smarter than wave and buzz..

  2. KJ says:

    One more thing to click on the web. I see potential, but let’s see if people use it.

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