Top 10: Tips for Efficient Facebook Marketing

Almost every business has a Facebook page now. And with a number of users quickly approaching the 600 Million mark, the need to be there is greater than ever.
But creating a page is not enough. Sharing, engaging and interacting, among other things, are vital for success.

Here’s my list of 10 things you should do to avoid Social (media) Suicide:

01) Create a Facebook PAGE, Not a group – With an endless customization potential and analytics to obsess about, Facebook pages are the right direction to take if you want to create a solid presence. Groups are becoming more irrelevant for businesses and the one and only feature that I wish has moved to the pages is the mass messaging of all members. Other than that, groups are IRRELEVANT for your business!

02) Add content to your page – fill it up with interesting and relevant content. Content doesn’t need to be specifically about your brand. Find insightful articles that have to do with your company’s vision and perspective and post them. Add dynamic content such as images, videos, stuff that people would be able to look at when they make the decision of joining your fan page or not.

3) Network – After you’ve uploaded enough interesting content, suggest your page to relevant members in your network. Obviously the more of a social networker you are and the more connections you’ve already managed to attain in your personal network, the easier this step will be. Keep building your network of connections for the future.

4) Find the right target audience – Finding the people within Facebook that will take an interest in your brand and in your campaigns and make sure they know your page exists. Are you a social network for animators? Are you offering a new, healthier product for coffee lovers? Find your relevant audience who’s already on Facebook and let them know that you’re there. In today’s world wide web, people are getting more and more used to information finding them and not vice versa. Those brands that have understood this point and are reaching out to their target audience within Facebook and creating relationships with these individuals, are already placing the competition at a huge disadvantage.

5) Keep the conversation going – Create live discussions on your page by both utilizing the status feature and also the discussions app. Get your fans involved in your discussions, ask for their feedback, show them you care about what they have to say. Enable a free flow of conversation even if you don’t like to hear what is being said by some of the users. Use this opportunity to listen to what people have to say and take control of the conversation. Be happy for the opportunity you’ve been given to win them back as customers. Always make sure to be attentive, patient and answer as quickly as possible. Remember that Facebook doesn’t sleep.

The information you get from discussions and from listening to what people are saying on the page represents priceless market insights that you can utilize to improve marketing practices!

6) Keep people excited about your brand – Create frequent contests and special campaigns for fans to take part in and reward them for their participation with either social or monetary incentives that have to do with your brand. In this manner you are ensuring that those people who enter your contest are potential future clients who take a true interest in your product.

7) Create a Welcome tab – A Facebook page that says “Howdy” to all the new comers is both welcoming and a good opportunity to let them know what they can find on your page. Lately the possibilities of customizing tabs became endless! Utilize this to express the benefits of joining your page, promote special campaigns you’ve got going on at the moment or anything you like. Welcome new fans to your home on Facebook.

8 ) Add Value – Create other tabs that are relevant to your brand – for example, a “fashion tips” tab if you’re a clothing brand, a “book reviews” tab if you’re a publisher. Build fun applications for fans and potential fans that will not only help you create exposure for your brand but will also give added value to the users who install it.

9) Utilize Facebook’s Insights – How many interactions did you have with fans this week? How many people commented on your posts? Where are your fans located? Are they mostly female or male? The answers to these questions will of course enable you to make better use of your page plan of future activities.

10) Increase your exposure – Promote your Facebook page on your email signature, on your homepage, in other social networks that you’re a part of and in all outgoing materials to bloggers and journalists. Let your employees and customers know about your page so that they can become a part of the conversation. You can even go for Facebook ads that allow you to advertise and promote your page on Facebook starting at relatively very small amounts of money!

Building a good, solid Facebook page may look like a piece of cake, however, maintaing an online community is not a breeze. Just like any other community, it has needs and thoughts and opinions and the administrators of a Facebook page are responsible for keeping its interest and taking the best shot at turning visitors into loyal fans, customers and possibly advocates of the brand!

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3 Responses to Top 10: Tips for Efficient Facebook Marketing

  1. Mich says:

    Very well said and put! Brands (and a lot of people) forget that Social Media is about putting the social in the media! Without the social, you can forget about the media! 🙂

  2. BeirutBoy says:

    Yeah you’re right. It would be cool if Mass Messaging was a feature in Pages.
    And I like what you said: “Facebook doesn’t sleep”

    Thanks for the gr8 tips! Ktir habbeyt!

  3. Danielle says:

    I know I’m going to open up a business with you one day, something inside me tells me you already know that! Great round’re my mentor Fady!

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