My Lazy Sunday

While everyone else is busy with the demonstration happening in Downtown Beirut today, I found myself cut off from everyone in the city and stuck home alone on this boring Sunday. But since I wasn’t going to spend all my day hibernating / slacking off in bed, I decided to take a stroll in Hamra and grab a bite at “Cafe Hamra” all by myself!

As I walked alone, looking like I just got out of bed, I came across this weird poster a few times:


“To whom it may concern,
Single Egyptian girl coming to Beirut for 10 days only
ALONE (or Lonely)
Looking for someone like me
To share my loneliness in the city
If you are the right person
You should call….”

Pretty weird! What do you think it’s really about? Anyone has any clues as to what this could be?

On another hand, WHY IS CHRISTMAS DECORATION STILL UP in some places? We;re half-way though March!

There’s an entire street still decorated with these and other items!

On a brighter note, the food at “Cafe Hamra” is surprisingly delicious! I can now say I am a fan! Thank you @meinlebanon for the recommendation!

How’s everyone’s Sunday? As uneventful as mine?

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7 Responses to My Lazy Sunday

  1. Mich says:

    Yiiii… wish I was with you in Hamra! Happy Sunday. And weird poster! :-))

  2. Asquared says:

    Hahahaha weiiiird .
    But what does she mean by ‘mithli’. Does she mean mithli as in gay/lesbian or mithli as in like me ?
    And those christmas decorations are getting on my nerves, BIG TIME.

  3. Jad Raad says:

    Wow..first time i visit ur blog….didnt know we had stuff like that here!

  4. Danielle says:

    Hahah see what interesting things you discover whilst spending time by yourself?! You should’ve thanked me for that too..inspiring you go do things alone! Right @asquared_2? Love this!

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