Cyber Wars: Lebanon Edition

Following the fiery speeches on Sunday the 13th of March in Beirut, the website of the “Future Movement” (Tayyar Al Mostakbal) was hacked by Hizbollah activists. The cyber attack also destroyed the database of ex PM Saad Hariri’s website!

Here is the message that appeared on the Future Movement’s website after the hacking:

And these are the details of the message that the hackers left:

Pretty powerful and swift (more like IMMEDIATE!) reply to the comments made about the resistance and what it stands for during the large demonstration on Sunday!
As far as a cyber war goes, this is a pretty good offensive!!

Thank you @Asquared_2 for the tip!

What do you think?

UPDATE: Apparently the website “” does not belong to the actual Future Movement political party. Their official website is ““!
Still, it is a clever way for the hackers to get the message across!

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5 Responses to Cyber Wars: Lebanon Edition

  1. Nabz says:

    It could be done by Future themselves to stage Hezballah.

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  3. Danielle says:

    Don’t know what this says obviously..but wow..

  4. Mariam says:

    I think this just shows the importance of seeing the two sides and what they value and making them one. Clearly, Hizballah supporters feel very strongly about their causes and can you blame them? Same applies the other way around.

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