The Lion King: Propaganda In Lebanon At An All Time Low

I accidentally came across a YouTube video that a friend of mine posted on Facebook.
And honestly I really wish I didn’t play it!
In the video you can see scenes from the Disney classic cartoon “The Lion King” edited with images of Lebanese prominent political figures…
Given the political zoo that the “ruling class” represent, I did not mind the analogy with animals. But the really bad and SAD thing is the voice-over dialogue that’s dubbed on top of the original music.

See for yourselves and judge:

Honestly this is the lowest I’ve ever seen/heard. Putting such messages for children and in such a format is a crime. What’s the desired outcome? Raising a new generation of hate and prejudice?

Such a propaganda machine needs to be obliterated to say the least.


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4 Responses to The Lion King: Propaganda In Lebanon At An All Time Low

  1. Asquared says:

    I think I made my self clear on your facebook page about what I think of this.
    This is by far the lowest most ridiculous thing out there. If anything, we should be raising awareness among children , not teach them how to hate.
    However, please re-watch this video and just laugh. Especially at the end.. it’s just too funny the way they talk to each other hahahahhaha

  2. Marie says:

    sooooooo stupid!

  3. Mariam says:

    3aib! shi bikhagil.. but what do you expect? this is propoganda-ridden Lebanon and people will take the streets March 13th anyway to fight away an “enemy” when taking the streets with an enemy. March 13th we should be taking the streets for a sectarian Lebanon not for a more hate filled Lebanon.

  4. I could comment better if I understood more about Lebanon and Lebanese history and politics…but I’ll do the best I can by saying that this is absolutely shameful!

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