Born This Way

I.Can’t.Help.Saying.This. :

Well… Lady GaGa may need a team to make her look like this.
But Fairuz was, well… Born This Way!

I’m not a Fairuz hater, on the contrary I am a huge fan & there’s no need to put me on a stick and burn me alive for this. So PLEASE spare me the “hypocritical” comments that the Lebanese blogosphere is so accustomed to!

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13 Responses to Born This Way

  1. Rasha says:

    SPOT ON!
    I was thinking about it last night actually- and God do they look alike…
    We can say that both are freaks from different parts of the world having different understanding of originality…
    Great one Fady!

  2. Mich says:

    Wow!!! Well spotted!!! 🙂

  3. Jihad says:

    you should add nawal zoghbi’s new album photoshoot .. she looks just like Feiruz, and Lady gaga

  4. william karam says:

    SPOT ON!

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  6. I always knew Lady Gaga was a poser!

  7. Asquared says:

    Hahahaha I couldn’t agree more !!!!

  8. That is one good ‘resemblance’ 😀

  9. BeirutBoy says:

    That’s the meanest thing ever.

    Didn’t stop me from forwarding this to my friends tho.


  10. LAMEES says:

    SO true! looool love them both!

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