A Green Christmas!

Every year around Christmas time, my hometown Zgharta in North Lebanon celebrates in a really beautiful way..

We’ve been blessed with a small lake that became the center of the yearly Christmas festivities, organized by Al-Midan NGO. The past weekend I went up to visit my parents and just like i do every season I visited the lake past midnight when it’s calmest to check out what’s up!

I was quite happy to see that this year didn’t disappoint! True to “Al-Midan” NGO’s green spirit and environmental values, this year’s festivities have a “green” theme and a multitude of daily activities for all ages, “Christmas by the Lake” this year has something for everyone!
Here is the press release detailing some of the festivities from the Al-Midan NGO’s official website:

“Almidan NGO headed by Mrs. Rima Frangieh, launched the “Christmas by the lake” festival. This year, it is a special event as it carries on the slogan of “Green Christmas” as the Earth will be in lack for “Green” regarding the environmental problems occurring at all levels, if we don’t act in response.
Therefore, Almidan NGO decided through the Christmas event to highlight this issue by bringing the attention of people, mainly children and their families at the importance of small environmental actions, “Green Actions” that are able to protect the environment and sustain its resources for the coming generations.
Accordingly, “Christmas by the lake” is hosting an exhibition of environmental friendly products, healthy and home-made foods, natural Christmas cookies, herbs and wheat.
This event has an environmental foreseeing characteristic aiming at spreading environmental awareness, promoting environmental friendly products, giving the visitors the spirit of respecting the environment and indulging them with some “Green Hints”.
In addition to the expo, the Green decoration is composed of a huge Christmas tree with the dimensions of 35 m of height and 15 m of diameter, decorated with 600 stars and energy saving lamps. Thus, Santa Clause is also Green and he is waiting letter from children during the holidays in his wooden cabinet at the lake.”

Since I didn’t have a camera on me and the Blackberry’s resolution is not flattering, here are some professional photos from the inauguration of “Christmas by the lake” taken from the official website (click to enlarge):

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3 Responses to A Green Christmas!

  1. Danielle says:

    This is the place where Mr. Fady Roumieh comes from? How beautiful! You should have taken me with you to experience it..The tree is absolutely gorgeous, and the festivities for a such a great cause. Your hometown is a model that all others should follow. You should be proud to come from there! Thanks for sharing!

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