Worth Sharing: BOX1824’s “We All Want To Be Young”

I came across this short movie today over twitter.
“We All Want to Be Young” is the outcome of several studies developed by BOX1824 in the past 5 years. BOX1824 is a Brazilian research company specialized in behavioural sciences and consumer trends.
Very informative and gives a quick resume of what the word YOUTH implied over the generations and how the evolution of young people’s mentality affects society and actually shapes and molds the world!

A definite Must-See! Video after the jump.. 

Would like to see your comments about this!

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4 Responses to Worth Sharing: BOX1824’s “We All Want To Be Young”

  1. A Bare Truth says:

    I wanna die young…. in 30 years

  2. Danielle says:

    If it loads sometimes this century, I will watch it and tell you what I think!

  3. Danielle says:

    “Conquer the right to be young,” “Created the “youth lifestyle,”..”Liberated youth”.. sounds sexy. haha

    Damn, I’m 24..so this is my last year as in influencer..and then what? my life will be over before I know it! I will have to make “hyperbolic gestures” to feel myself from now on! omg omg omg..I can feel the existensial crisis coming on! Nooooooooo!!

    HAHAHA but for real though, our generation is over exposed. I’m watching this video, listening to music on grooveshark, BBMing you about your fancy breakfast at Le Gray, and flipping through other blogs..oh and how could I forget, I’m also tweeting! No wonder I find it so hard to do nothing these days.

    Thanks for sharing this dude.

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