iBreastcheck: New iPhone app that reminds women to check for breast cancer

One week ago, Breakthrough Breast Cancer released an iPhone application to support their efforts to raise awareness for their cause and to help in their fight against it.

The Application, named iBreastcheck, is available for free at the apple store and features a bundle of useful options to keep every woman aware of her status and help early detection of any abnormalities.
Through this application, users can view the methods of personally checking themselves  through a video or a photo guide,

They can set reminders on a perdiodical basis according to what they see fit,

They can take a quiz to determine the impact their lifestyle is having on the probability of developing breast cancer. This risk report can serve as a wake up call for so many women who need it and it helps in making crucial changes in the habits and everyday routines to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

Last but not least, the application offers the option of contributing to this cause directly from the iPhone through direct donations, fundraising efforts or by simply sharing with friends and acquaintances!

Users on the website have called this application “Brilliant” and “a possible life saver” …
It is available for free through this link.
To all the women out there, this is a must have on your iPhones! And to all the men / sexually confused individuals, this is a must-recommend to any women you know!
Help raise awareness by the simple act of sharing!

Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.
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