This news should have been delivered on a Monday morning. It would have made the week a lot better!

So you can share content over the internet, pictures, music, videos, text; you can buy things, sell things, download porn, upload porn, meet new people, stay in touch with old friends… It’s all good until someone decides that it’s getting too boring and decides to make a new way to put the internet to good use. One hell of a good use!

Everybody brace yourselves to meet the “MOJOWIJO”, the latest Nintendo Wii accessory. And this one is NOT for the kids. I repeat: NOT FOR THE KIDS.
In brief, the Mojowijo is a device that you attach to the Wii remote and use as a vibrator. As if that was not disturbing enough, it apparently allows you to share your experience with any other device owner around the world using the internet as it transmits signals online to other devices you can connect to. Basically you shake the remote in Beirut and your girlfriend/boyfriend can enjoy the vibration on her/his device from across the world! The vibration received by the other is relative to how hard/fast you shake the device on your side! The official description on the website says:

“The device is attached to the accessory port on a Nintendo Wii* remote control. The control is then connected to a bluetooth enabled PC running Mojowijo software. Using Mojowijo’s patent pending Motion2Vibration technology, the device is able to transform the varying motions of the control into appropriate vibration signals and send them to another selected device – in the same room or over the internet. (Wii gaming console NOT required). Essentially turning your Wii remotes into shared, remote controlled vibrators (aka wii vibrator or wiibrator!)”

Disturbing as it may sound, this is actually taking cyber-sex one step further, allowing you to take some control over how u pleasure your partner and make the whole deal a bit more interactive. Check out this HILARIOUS promo below. What a way to diffusing the message without making clear visual references!

If you think the video is funny, check out that other thing from the website that caught my attention:

“With Mojowijo you can:

Mojowijo with someone in the same room

Mojowijo with someone over the internet

Mojowijo by yourself “

Wow. Mojowijo. I’m seriously impressed. You’ll be making thousands of people VERY happy!

One more thing (yes they keep coming) the device is not yet released and they are looking for BETA testers from ANYWHERE in the world.  Yes ANYWHERE means you Lebanese/Residents of Lebanon are also included!

You can sign up here for your free device (and hope they’re well manufactured – you don’t wanna end up with a burnt/bruised vajayjay or any other organ that might be used)

So best of luck for testers and cheers to good SEX gone all technological, giving a new meaning to “SENDING GOOD VIBES” – Literally (thanks @carolduncan for the EUREKA moment)!

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7 Responses to Mojowijo

  1. Carol says:

    LOL that’s so funny.

    But Fady … if I want to – um – ‘send good vibes’ to my man – I just ring his mobile phone – which is always set to vibrate.

  2. fadyroumieh says:

    Hahahaha – That works too 😛
    And you it just hit me that this Mojowijo gives a whole new meaning to “SENDING GOOD VIBES” !!! lol

  3. A Bare Truth says:

    do i need to say it? i will anyway

  4. BeirutiAdventures says:

    Lol… I don’t know what to think about this. LOOOL
    Danielle obviously thinks the same thing 😛

  5. Mojowijo says:

    Aww, Fady – we just picked this up. Thanks for the good vibes! 🙂

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