Kardashian Suicide: Dash Beirut

Beirut: Paris of the Levant!

Middle East’s capital of style and fashion!

Home to the biggest names in the fashion industry and… THIS.

This ad is not only offensive to the eyes it’s also downright ridiculous. They may be trying to depict a regular person, in this case maybe a mother, or an overdeveloped school girl, but the choice of “model” couldn’t have been worse.

The other ridiculous thing about this ad is what it represents! It’s actually a commercial for a clothing store in Beirut called DASH. Sounds harmless until you see their logo and then you remember!
Isn’t DASH a chain of clothing stores owed by the three Kardashian sisters who appear on the E! reality series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians? Well of course it is! Suddenly the ad you saw on the highway is 10 times more ridiculous!  Not only they used the same name and the same logo, they also butchered the image of the brand that’s positioned as an uber-trendy, sexy and up-to-date clothing line! and would you look at this legitimate DASH ad?

Quite the difference, don’t you think? I say it’s enough difference to make the Kardashian sisters take their own lives if they ever set eyes upon the Lebanese version of their brand!
Question is, how could owners of the Beirut store register the name? They copied an international brand name so bluntly and used it even to advertise on billboards! Isn’t there a law against that or something?

Wonder what DASH BEIRUT will come up with next! Whatever it is, i’m sure it will bring major laughters and big smiles on everyone’s faces for all the wrong reasons. Maybe having a DASH BEIRUT is essential after all – for its comic value!

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One Response to Kardashian Suicide: Dash Beirut

  1. Monica says:

    ahahahahha i almost peed myself while reading it ! hahahaha amazing

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