BrGr Co.

The search for the perfect burger is a quest we’re set on from the moment we come to this world. This illusive burger that’s beefy, juicy,  fulfilling yet light and leaves space for dessert or.. another burger!

A referral by my friend last week and a few wrong truns landed me in Abd El Wahab Al Inglizi street in Sodeco, Beirut.

There i was with @asquared91 and @joyabihabib with really empty stomachs but full of anticipation! We were at BrGr Co. , and after a brief wait we were given one of the 14 tables of this restaurant and so began the night..

First thing that grabs your attention you when u sit and look around is how intimate and basic the place looks/feels. It’s easy on the eyes and quite casual which is just like how a burger joint should be! We sat in our places for a while then asked for the menu and there was none! The “Sous-plats” (that would be Placemats in English – thank you @octavianasr for the help!) are actually the menu and it’s more than enough with that few options to choose from.

A decision is quick to make with such a menu and i went for the 4 oz burger, medium well, with a side of fries and a coke. When the food was, surprisingly quickly, served to our table, i knew that i’m in for the good stuff! And what happened later is history! I think the best word to describe the situation is “devour”.

We DEVOURED our burgers and boy were they good!

High on satisfaction i took a moment to tweet it, tip it on foursquare and then order dessert. Again, BrGr co. Surprised me with a super-light cheesecake that i couldn’t eat slow enough to enjoy to the max! I finish, tweet it, Foursquare-it, pay and leave..

I’ve been recommending that place to everyone ever since; and this week i tried their second option, the Hot Dog, and it was an equally delightful experience!

A caption on one of the photos on BrGr Co’s Facebook page answers a question that some people may be asking:

“Gourmet chef, Hussein Hadid, has renounced the usual fanfare to create this back-to-basics, bohemian style burger-keep. You may be asking yourself, what’s Lebanon’s premier chef doing serving stacks of onion rings and hunks of unadulterated Prime burgers? Giving the people what they want, bien sur.”

And i couldn’t agree more! This is what the people (or at least me) have been wanting for ages now! The quest for the perfect burger is finally over. And though it may not look like the one in your dreams, it sure tastes like one!

Have you been there yet? Share your experience in the comments section!

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P.S: NO i was not paid to write this review. I’m just a satisfied client doing his share of positive word of mouth!

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8 Responses to BrGr Co.

  1. K says:

    sorry man, but this is a fake review. Next time don’t mention PS. and don’t use the pictures they give you!

  2. fadyroumieh says:

    Seriously K….?
    1- my blog is a couple of weeks old.. with traffic that’s almost NULL… if they want a fake review they’d go for a famous blogger who can give them exposure…
    2- i used the pictures they have on their Facebook page since i didn’t take any when i was there…
    3- i put the P.S just in case people like u jump in and try to sound smart-ish and sound like the one who’s so witty he just got it from the first read!

    Check ur facts before posting negative comments.

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  4. But why is there a double price difference between 4oz and 6 oz burger? weird isn’t it?

  5. Rani sinno says:

    I think this is an amazing blog, very well written, and serves the place quite well. Bravo Mr. Fady! I admire people who take take to write their opinion.

    Now for your review, I totally agree with you… This is the only place in Lebanon which serves a genuinely good burger. I’m addicted, I’ve been going twice a week since they’ve opened! And I’m not gaining weight, surprisingly it’s a light burger?!?

  6. Very well written blog indeed.. ❤ you got yourself a new follower.

    .. and those pictures are definitely from Facebook, as the picture titles "31948_105746722808404_105744019475341_50961_2044516_n2.jpg" suggest 🙂

    …Left to check this Burger place out!

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