The Egg Shampoo

The Egg Shampoo!

The Egg Shampoo!

While shopping for some necessities at TSC yesterday, I came across quite an odd discovery: the EGG Shampoo! Its basically a shampoo that’s made of egg extract and I suppose smells like eggs too..
I don’t know if eggs have any benefits for the hair/scalp but who would want to leave their house smelling like, god forbid, an omelet?!

Any users of EGG-ish shampoo out there? Please contact me for counceling and support @fadyroumieh !!

P.S: I just de-virginized WordPress for Blackberry! Will check the results later when I get the energy to leave my bed and get the laptop..

Update: Apparently the WordPress for Blackberry is a bad bad choice when it comes to adding media to your post; even if it’s as simple as a picture! I had to re-edit the post from the laptop to get it to look right. Can’t add links either. So i guess The Blackberry app is just for less than basic blogging!

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One Response to The Egg Shampoo

  1. Monica says:

    Riwéyé enta ya sabbé !

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