Blackberry Ban: Lebanon Edition.

Oh my!

The digital (and non-digital) world in Lebanon has been buzzing for the past few days about the possibility of a Blackberry ban in Lebanon, similar to the one to be imposed in UAE and in KSA.

The press picked up the news and, soon enough, speculations and conflicting stories filled the web. But in a report on Yahoo! News,  some factual light was shed on the subject:

In Lebanon, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority chairman said Beirut will assess security concerns about the smartphones following the arrest of several telecoms employees suspected of spying for Israel.

Imad Hoballah added that the TRA’s move was not a reaction to the decision by the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to suspend BlackBerry services.

“We have been going through a security assessment for a while,” he said.

Where does that leave us?

Note that Lebanon is a country where citizens always brag about having “freedoms” unavailable in other parts of the Middle East. Such a move could be the tangible blow that people need to wake up and realize that, in fact, they are not that free after all!

It was quite disappointing to read such news. The government’s been trying to pass laws to limit and control the digital world in Lebanon for quite a while now, with little to no success. But this latest move could prove more serious than others before it.

Personally i’d go into a social networking loophole! Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn and even this blogging platform are managed and updated using my trusty Blackberry. I’ve been inseparable from this small device for god knows how long now and, frankly, i’m addicted! And knowing how things go in Lebanon, alternative solutions may be promised but not actually offered – at least not in a few years after the promises are made.

For now i’m not thinking of a post-Blackberry life, and on the verge of praying for it not to be banned! Yes Apples & Androids. I’m a Blackberry user. And i don’t want that taken away from me! So i sit and hope of seeing a quick response and agreements/solutions with RIM (the company that runs Blackberry)…

What do you think about this latest fiasco? A move on the right track or mass (digital) social suicide? Share in the comments section!

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2 Responses to Blackberry Ban: Lebanon Edition.

  1. Afifa El Samad says:

    What Freedom aspects are you talking about? they are disappearing one by one?
    I am shocked when I learn about an ISP blocking a website. We are more and more influenced by our neighbors. This is really sad.
    I am a blackberry user as well. I can’t imagine living without this device. I am a freelance translator and actually it helps me working on the move. Lot of other smart and electronic devices can be monitored by mother companies so why they are focusing only on this issue. They are afraid for their stinky assess and chairs they are sitting on ….
    Nice bleugggg by the way. You should have chosen bleuggeghhhhhhh (tu sais avec un eghhhh “r”)

  2. fadyroumieh says:

    Well i still think we have the blessing of many more “freedoms” no matter how small they are!!
    and thank you for reading my modest attempt at blogging!! i hope i’ll be more active soon!

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