Unexpected Ramadan Entertainment

When we think of Ramadan series we think of  family comedies, Arab mythical recreations and/or series showcasing the Islamic religion and culture. Totally logical and rational since this is a holy month celebrated in Muslim religion/culture.

But today, as i was going to get some lunch at ABC Mall in Beirut, Lebanon, i came across this ad for a Series to air in Ramadan.

The series apparently chronicles the life and death of Jesus Christ and it is a foreign production (since the ad states that it’s translated into Arabic). Quite an odd choice of programming by NBN TV. Maybe a display of tolerance and openness to other religions by the Shiite-owned television station.

Whatever the reasons are, i find this a very interesting decision and quite the change from what we normally see during the holy month of Ramadan!

Cheers to co-existence (even if it’s only a seriously fragile eggshell that we’ve been walking on for decades)

What do YOU think of this? Share your opinions or discuss it in the comments section!

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