Das Blog.

After a few ill-fated attempts to blog with a specified theme or category, i found myself     quite tied down.

Many opportunities to express my opinion on numerous issues have come and gone,        with me restraining to write about them since they did not fit the general theme of my previous blogs.

So what the heck! This is a blog about anything, anywhere and at any time!

The choice of name was not that hard to come up with. I wanted a simple name that’s sticky and fun. BLEUG is basically BLOG, written the way many MANY “sophisticated” (more like plain stupid) Lebanese people pronounce it. Don’t you just want to kick some pretentious ass sometimes? These people seem to forget how to speak properly after spending a one week vacation in Paris!
Bleug? Seriously? … Well apparently yes.

Hope that my (Bleugg) blog will be an entertaining and sometimes useful read for any reader who happen to end up on it!

(you can also catch me on twitter @fadyroumieh)

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