Atari Anyone?

Am i the only one who thinks this is SO cool and can’t wait for it to materialize?

Earlier today, the once mega gaming pioneer “ATARI” announced that it is planning a comeback within the coming few months. But it’s not what one would expect.

Atari dominated the video gaming world all through the 70s up until the mid eighties when the video games market crashed. A series of unfortunate events (Atari has been through one corporate drama after another, passing through several owners including Warner Communications and Hasbro and, in the last five years, as part of the public French company Infogrames, it has had four chief executives and lost more than $700 million – Source: LA Times) led to a cash deficit (As of March 31, the company had $13.4 million in cash and a $57.4-million credit line, plus $25.4 million in debt) making it impossible to develop high end games or consoles in the near future. So the company is using alternative platforms to re-launch its most famous games, mainly social websites such as Facebook (among others)!

Atari will be updating its classics, such as Missile Command & Centipede, and they’ll be putting them against  games that are currently popular on Facebook (think Farmville, mafia Wars, etc…)!

Exciting news! Atari is quite the nostalgic “technology” from my childhood! It would be interesting to see how things will turn out looking like on platforms such as Facebook!

What do YOU think of this initiative? Share your opinion in the comments section!

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